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PPL 2016:招待講演


奥田 遼介 Preferred Networks
Julia Lawall Inria
Finding the right level of abstraction: Program analysis and the Linux kernel

招待講演1: ディープラーニングフレームワークとChainerの実装

奥田 遼介 (Preferred Networks)



招待講演2: Finding the right level of abstraction: Program analysis and the Linux kernel

Julia Lawall (Inria)


Historically, a goal of research in program analysis has been to propose more and more complex analyses that interpret complicated program structures and infer their properties in more and more precise ways. These approaches run up against reality in the form of very large infrastructure software projects such as the Linux kernel, for which correctness is essential, but for which precise analysis seems infeasible. In this talk, we survey some work from around the turn of the century that started to take the Linux kernel seriously as a target for program analysis, and review the design decisions that made this possible. We then present our work on the Coccinelle program transformation system for C code, highlighting the features that make program analysis and transformation accessible to Linux kernel developers. To date, over 4000 patches have been accepted into the Linux kernel that mention Coccinelle, from over 500 developers.