Call for Students

We think a research group should consist of people with different backgrounds (educational and cultural backgrounds), since cross-fertilization is one of the major source of new ideas. We call for foreign students who want to study PROGRAMMING and LOGIC in our group (laboratory) as their master program or PhD program.

Our research area is foundation of software science, and covers the following topics:

Foreign students who want to study in our laboratory must fulfill all the following requirements:
  1. they must obtain the necessary degree (bachelor degree for master's program, and master degree for PhD program) by the end of March (a university year in Japan begins on April)
  2. they must get approval from their (future) supervisor
  3. they must pass the entrance examination (held twice a year, usually in August and February)

Note that this is not necessarily a precise summary of the requirements; refer to the web page of the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba. for details.

Note also that you must have a certain level of ability of Japanese language, for almost all courses are given in Japanese in our university (alas ..).

If you are interested in the research topics above, and want to join our laboratory (and you think you can fulfill the requirements 1 and 3 above), don't hesitate to take contact with Yukiyoshi Kameyama (kam@cs.tsukuba.ac.jp).

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